An Ever-Growing Story

"Miss Julie is one of the most incredible teachers on our team at EGC Kids. She continually brings God's Word to life for the kids. Every week that she teaches our kids they are on an adventure to travel back in time and experience the Bible hands on. Julie is never afraid to involve everyone in the classroom and has a heart to bring the kids to Jesus and Jesus to the kids. She really connects with the kids and they with her. The Lord has truly gifted Julie in understanding the mind of a child and has been able to address many emotional problems that children have, through her books, to bring light and understanding to children and parents a like. It's been a privilege and honor to know Julie and have her a part of our team!"

-  Emily Seymour, Coordinator, EGC Kids

"Miss Julie has been a pleasure to work with, and to learn from. Miss Julie brings creative new ideas to Sunday school class each week for the kids to participate in. She has a keen spirit for the Lord, and her enthusiasm brings joy to the children she shepherds. It has been enjoyable to work alongside Miss Julie and share the responsibilities of molding young hearts and minds to seek Jesus".

Liam von Berg, 16

 Julie I'm so proud of you. You are strong and positive and I will always love you because you and your books with your words of wisdom from God gives me the strength to make through each day! I love you girls and I thank you for your blessings and prayers. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR JOURNEY OF LIFE.STAY BLESS BEAUTIFUL QUEEN! SUCCESS

Jeanneal Williams