A Nurturing Approach to Your Child's Growth

When children are young, the books are a valuable resource that help care givers open the doors of communication.

They help parents and kids connect with God's word through problem solving.

These books help older children and adults understand their emotions and further more,

they help us handle the problems we face God's way.

Your Feelings and What God Says About Them

(ISBN 978-1-935018-83-4) Published by 5 Stone Publishing  A powerful A-Z guide on the emotions we struggle with. This book also Includes the next steps to take, so we can all overcome our problems God's way. 

Written for ages 9 and up.


The Blame Game

(ISBN 978-1-935018-87-2) Published by 5 Stone Publishing: Would you like to build character? Do you want to take courage and perseverance to a new level? You hold in your hands a powerful tool that will help us overcome blame in our life, take responsibility for our actions, and become the person God made us to be. Written for ages 9 and up.


"Julie is not only a gifted woman of God and author, she is a dedicated mother! The topics she covers are applicable to every child and every family. This helpful tool will not only encourage children but empower parents!" -Joshua Finley Lead Pastor at

Elim Gospel Church


(ISBN 978-1-935018-97-1) Published by 5 Stone Publishing: Being sincerely thankful for everything in our lives can do wonderful things for us, and for those around us. True thankfulness provides us with keys that can unlock many doors that have been keeping us trapped or stuck in bad situations and negative emotions. In this book, Thankful,we will explore how to use thankfulness God's way. In taking this journey together, we will discover a very powerful tool that will help us live out God's best plan for our lives. 

Written for ages 9 and up.


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"... I think we can all remember that the tween and teen years involve a lot of emotions! Julie Chapus has undertaken to write a book for those years, helping them to understand what God says about those feelings. She's taken an extensive list of topics, some of them emotions and a few topics that cause emotions, and written a short devotional-style commentary for each one, including a description, a connected Bible story, a prayer and verses that could be helpful to one in that particular situation. A child/adolescent can find the appropriate chapter in the table of contents to help with their current situation, or this could be used as a devotional/bedtime story with a parent. Reading this book with a parent and child would probably lead to some good discussions.!"

- G. S. Cook 

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