When you partner with us financially  you help us take care of orphans in Zambia Africa,

Your money also allows us to get young adults off the streets and out of homelessness in Rochester NY

And run our CFK model day program.

We allocate 100% of the funds we receive to the programs that need it most. Our clients always benefit from your donations.

We believe in offering the highest quality of care to all and your financial support helps us do just that.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you. 

Here's a look at what your donations have done to directly impact the lives of others.

Model Days

Helping girls look and feel thier best

After our model day with Patricia, she called us and said she was going to get her GED at 60 years old because her time with us taught her she's worth it! 

Not Forgotten

Helping young adults off the streets and out of homelessness

"...I met Julie while attending cosmetology school, we were immediately friends. We shared aspirations and dreams on several occasions, on one of these occasions i shared the fact that I would be buying a one way ticket to nyc, going down with nothing to start a new life since Rochester had nothing left for me, but negativity. Julie was unsettled by this and decided to blow my mind with absolute compassion and complete selflessness. She came to me one day at school and said that she wanted to take me to nyc rather than the bus and set me up in a safe place to live for 2 months just so I'm able to get grounded. Needless to say I have no words even now as to the kindness and love Julie has. I've now been in nyc for almost a year, still have some struggles to face before I'm planted solid, but thanks to Julie I'm starting to live the life I know I can achieve and deserve. We are still friends to this day and talk on the phone constantly. She continues to share projects she works on to help get other people such as myself up on their feet to live a better life. It is my feeling that Julie deserves all the gratitude in the world as well as all the help from others to continue her astonishing efforts and ideas!"

- Sasha

Zambia Africa

Amasharay takes our books and her heart for children to the mission field where she travels the globe bringing her love for Jesus and children everywhere she goes.

She works with kids of all ethnicities revealing their value, and let's them know they are loved.  Our most recent endeavor has been Zambia Africa and with your donations we can send her to many more parts of the globe. Please consider helping us, your donations really do have an amazing impact on the work we do!

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