Miss Julie

 Not knowing the word of God led me to make some poor choices as a young adult.

I thought I was following God, but I was led astray by false and twisted teachings. The more I tried to follow those teachings, the worse I felt about myself. Instead of God's Word, I was taught to focus on my character flaws. All I was left with were feelings of inadequacy and fear. I loved God, but the message that I was constantly getting was that I was not good enough for Him, and that I was never going to be pleasing to God.

I truly loved God but I always had the sense He was angry at me, and that unless I shaped up I would not be acceptable to Him. It was very hard living life day in and day out, feeling this way. I struggled with every emotion from fear to despair.

But Jesus reached down and rescued me. He removed all that fear and showed me who He really is. Through His Word and the Holy Spirit, He revealed to me His truth in the Bible.

What is that truth? It is that each of us has been uniquely and wonderfully created by God, with a purpose and design in mind before we were even born.He knit us together in the womb and He has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives. If only I had known the word of God as a child, I would never have fallen into false teachings and self-condemnation. But now I know the truth, and it has set me free.

I know that I am here on this earth to help God's children understand this truth as well, so that they can confidently step into their own calling, avoid false teachings, and embrace who they are: the wonderful people God created them to be.   







"...Miss Julie has been a pleasure to work with, and to learn from. Miss Julie brings creative new ideas to Sunday school class each week for the kids to participate in. She has a keen spirit for the Lord, and her enthusiasm brings joy to the children she shepherds. It has been enjoyable to work alongside Miss Julie and share the responsibilities of molding young hearts and minds to seek Jesus".

- Liam von Berg, 16

"... Julie I'm so proud of you. You are strong and positive and I will always love you because you and your books with your words of wisdom from God gives me the strength to make through each day! I love you girls and I thank you for your blessings and prayers. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR JOURNEY OF LIFE.STAY BLESS BEAUTIFUL QUEEN! SUCCESS!"

- Jeanneal Williams

"...I loved modeling for Christ for kids ministries. It was so fun, my friend Abby and Miss Julie who did my make up and planned the shoot were amazing to be around. They helped me talk through some things and made me feel comfortable with the make up and shoot. It was so fun! In front of the camera was the modeling part, but behind the scenes was all love, friendship and fun!"

-   Hannah

"...I liked modeling for CFK because of how friendly the community is, especially in front of the camera. In CFK we dress up in makeup and hairstyles, yet the amount isn't hiding who we are and what we look like. I find that very powerful because of how our society views what and how girls should look. The makeup is too much and the hair is in extravagant styles, but only to look "the part" and themselves. I feel like that should change for the better, and I think that CFK is doing just that!"

-   Ashley

"...I absolutely loved modeling and being around these lovely ladies. It was more than modeling though, it was a time of encouragement and making each other comfortable with who we are. God made us in his image and there's nothing like being around people who make you realize it. Thank you to both Abby and Miss Julie!"

-      Delayne


"...Miss Julie is one of the most incredible teachers on our team at EGC Kids. She continually brings God's Word to life for the kids. Every week that she teaches our kids they are on an adventure to travel back in time and experience the Bible hands on. Julie is never afraid to involve everyone in the classroom and has a heart to bring the kids to Jesus and Jesus to the kids. She really connects with the kids and they with her. The Lord has truly gifted Julie in understanding the mind of a child and has been able to address many emotional problems that children have, through her books, to bring light and understanding to children and parents a like. It's been a privilege and honor to know Julie and have her a part of our team!"

-  Emily Seymour, Coordinator, EGC Kids