Christ for Kids is a family oriented ministry that is committed to teaching the Word of God to children in ways they can understand. Whether it be through imaginative play, workshops, body movement, animation, or through books, children will learn the value of the Bible and how to apply the teachings of Jesus in their everyday lives. We love seeing children grow in God's love, and sowing the seeds of God's Word for future generations.  Our purpose is to reach all children with the Word of God so they will be better equipped to handle whatever may come their way. 

Our Team

        Julie Chapus ( Miss Julie)  earned her M.S.W. in 2001, cosmetology license 2017 and was called to minister to children in 2012. She has written several Bible-based books for children, Julie has taught the Bible through imaginative play workshops  to children, and is currently engaged in writing and running programs for teens.   


Julie has also shared her personal experiences through public testimony.  Individuals who have heard Julie speak have told us that her testimony gave them  inspiration they will long remember. Her talks have helped others take a fresh look at their own faith, changing many lives in the process. Julie is the director of Christ for Kids Ministries. 


          Jennifer Edwards    earned her M.S.W. in 1998 and a masters degree in Holy Yoga in 2015.  She also holds an advanced yoga degree in Holy Yoga Therapy. She works with people of all ages, helping them to experience the love of Christ through body movement and the breath, coupled with God's Word in the Bible. She is a prayer partner, editor, and director of body movement at Christ for Kids Ministries.        


 Amasharay McDonald holds a Biblical Studies degree from Elim Bible Institute with a minor in Missions. She graduated in 2015. She is a seasoned writer, blogger, and psalmist reaching many with her written work. Amasharay  is our online presence manager, prayer partner, and creative blogger at Christ for Kids Ministries.  



            Miss Abby is our  soon to be animator!  After training under Animatus Studios Abby will be bringing her artwork to life on screen! We call it 'Abby's Mazin Animatin'. She is also our budding videographer.


Julie's husband David helps edit her books. He is the photographer for our model day program, prayer partner, and provides all-around support to the Christ for Kids Ministry Team.