Many models in the beauty industry are told they need to be thin or they need to change something about themselves to be beautiful. That stands in direct opposition to the Word of God that tells us we are beautifully and wonderfully made. We here at Christ For Kids want to let women, teens, and children know they are beautiful the way they are. So we have built Miss Julie's Hair Studio to bring you CFK Model Days. 

Miss Julie styles our models' hair and does makeup for the CFK photo shoots. The pictures have scripture and/or encouraging words attached to them. The photos are meant to make a statement for Christ and share the message that everyone is unique and special in every way. We have decided to give women and children the opportunity to enter into modeling in a very healthy way. We want our models feeling good about themselves knowing they are beautiful just the way God created them to be. The pictures we take are always appropriate and shared on social media. Please contact us if you would like to participate in a model day. No woman, teen, or child is ever turned away. We work with people of all ethnic backgrounds, and a wide array of personal circumstances including victims of human trafficking. 

            The cost is free for the ministry picture.

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Not Forgotten

Every now and then we get models who are in crisis situations. They call us in need of shelter, food, and clothing. We do our best to ensure our models' safety. But we soon realized we needed an entire program dedicated to helping those in crisis. So Not Forgotten was birthed from a real need.

Christ For Kids helps those in crisis who have no one else to love or support them. We help then find shelter, food, and clothing. Next we get to work finding permanent living situations to help our young adults get on their feet and off the streets. We do whatever needs to be done to help people know they are not forgotten.  

As a related part of this program, we also send care packages to American troops overseas, to let them know someone back home is thinking of them. Our Not Forgotten program was inspired directly from the words of Jesus, who says He will never leave or forsake us. When it seems you have no one in the world, CFK is here for you. We remember you. You truly are Not Forgotten!


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