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Update! Amash will be going back to Zambia for the month of December to make Christmas special for the children!  We are hoping to raise enough money to support Amasharay in Zambia. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause as we share the Word of God and make this December a month to remember!

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Not Forgotten Program landed us in NYC!

"...I met Julie while attending cosmetology school, we were immediately friends. We shared aspirations and dreams on several occasions, on one of these occasions i shared the fact that I would be buying a one way ticket to nyc, going down with nothing to start a new life since Rochester had nothing left for me, but negativity. Julie was unsettled by this and decided to blow my mind with absolute compassion and complete selflessness. She came to me one day at school and said that she wanted to take me to nyc rather than the bus and set me up in a safe place to live for 2 months just so I’m able to get grounded. Needless to say I have no words even now as to the kindness and love Julie has. I’ve now been in nyc for almost a year, still have some struggles to face before I’m planted solid, but thanks to Julie I’m starting to live the life I know I can achieve and deserve. We are still friends to this day and talk on the phone constantly. She continues to share projects she works on to help get other people such as myself up on their feet to live a better life. It is my feeling that Julie deserves all the gratitude in the world as well as all the help from others to continue her astonishing efforts and ideas!"

- Sasha


Christ for Kids Ministries is happy to host or partipate in public events. Whether it be a workshop, a book signing, or speaking event, we are honored to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of others. To schedule an event, please fill out the form on the Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Miss Julie's Hair Studio

Where we host Model Days. Our next model day will be January 2019