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Helping Kids Become Everything God Created Them To Be

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Christ For Kids goes International

as Amasharay travels abroad to share God's Word and to help His children!


Reaching kids with the Word of God through books, podcasts, videos, social media, and classes.

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Recent Work

We are happy to make your modeling dreams come true!  

CFK Model Days

Many people in our society are told they need to be thin or they need to change something about themselves to be beautiful. That stands in direct opposition to the Word of God, which tells us we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. We here at Christ For Kids want to let people know they are beautiful the way they are. To further that goal, Miss Julie's Hair Studio brings you CFK Model Days. 

On Model Days, Miss Julie styles the models' hair, provides fashionable apparel, and does their makeup for our CFK photo shoots. The finished pictures have scriptural quotes and/or encouraging words attached to them. The photos are meant to make a statement for Christ and share the message that everyone is unique and special in every way. We have decided to give the young and old alike the opportunity to enter into modeling in a very healthy way. We want our models feeling good about themselves knowing they are beautiful just the way God created them to be. The pictures we take are always appropriate and are shared on social media. Please contact us if you would like to participate in a model day. No one is ever turned away. We work with people of all ethnic backgrounds, and who come from a wide array of personal circumstances, including victims of human trafficking. 

Participation in Model Days is free of charge. We do, however, offer order forms if prints are desired.

For more information please download and fill out our form and permission slips.


All children need affectionate care and an environment where they feel, and are, safe. Amasharay understands the needs of these orphaned children and is willing to spend a significant amount of her life to care for and love these kids so they can grow into healthy and whole individuals. Amasharay is teaching them the word of God and helping them understand through her words and actions that they are loved. 

Not Forgotten

Every now and then we get models and young adults who are in crisis situations. They call us in need of shelter, food, and clothing. We do our best to ensure our models' safety. But we soon realized we needed an entire program dedicated to helping those in crisis. So Not Forgotten was birthed from a real need.
Christ For Kids helps those in crisis who have no one else to turn to for love or support. We help them find shelter, food, and clothing. Next we get to work finding permanent living situations to help our young adults get on their feet and off the streets. We do whatever needs to be done to help people know they are not forgotten.
Our Not Forgotten program was inspired directly by the words of Jesus, who tells us that He will never leave or forsake us. When it seems you have no one in the world, CFK is here for you. You truly are Not Forgotten!

Generation Change

9 week video series and program designed by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz.

Matthew 11:28-30 says, come to me all you who are weary and burdened I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Jesus tells us in this scripture to learn from Him, 

Well did you know Jesus talks more about money than any other subject in the Bible? 

This is why we wanted to offer generation change. It's a fun and interactive class for teens and young adults to learn the biblical principles of handling money. 

This class sets young adults up for success for the future, and at the same time helps us to be a blessing to others. We learn how to be wise with our financial decisions.

We will learn how to avoid debt, navigate college, and create a budget for the obstacles we all face today. 

Together we will become excellent stewards of money and a generation of change.

Please join us, the cost is free and the knowledge is priceless!

Classes will be held at St. Anne Church 1600 Mt Hope Ave Rochester NY
Dates To Be Dermined

Our books are now in India and Peru and Zambia!


Miss Julie

is the Founder of Christ for Kids Ministries. She earned her M.S.W. in 2001and her cosmetology license in 2017, and was called to minister to children in 2012. She has written several Bible-based books for children. Julie has taught the Bible through imaginative play workshops to children, and is currently engaged in writing and running programs for teens.

Julie has also shared her personal experiences through public testimony. Individuals who have heard Julie speak have told us that her testimony gave them inspiration they will long remember. Her talks have helped others take a fresh look at their own faith, changing many lives in the process. 

Amasharay McDonald

Is Miss Julie's Ministry Partner. Helping lead the way in every area of Christ For Kids.  She graduated from Elim Bible Institute in 2015, with a degree in Biblical Studies and a minor in Missions. She is a seasoned writer, creative blogger, psalmist, speaker, and missionary reaching many with her work. Amasharay joined CFK as the Online Presence Manager but was promoted to Partner in October of 2019. She helps Miss Julie create and run all the programs here at Christ For Kids.  


Abigail Chapus

 Abby has volunteered for four years here at Christ For Kids Ministries. As the youngest member of our team we are pleased to announce we have brought her on staff in 2019 as the Online Presence Manager. Her work includes animations, videos, and creative posts for all social media platforms.

She is a student at Rush Henrietta HighSchool and simultaneously entered the Taste Of College program at RIT.  

Jennifer Edwards

is a prayer partner, editor, and associate director at Christ for Kids Ministries. She earned her M.S.W. in 1998 and a masters degree in Holy Yoga in 2015. She also holds an advanced yoga degree in Holy Yoga Therapy. Jennifer works with people of all ages, helping them to experience the love of Christ through body movement and breathing exercises, coupled with God's Word in the Bible. 


When you partner with us financially you make mission work possible.
Your donations also take young adults off the streets and out of homelessness in Rochester, NY.
And your generosity helps make CFK Model Days possible!
We allocate the funds we receive to the programs that need it most. Our clients always benefit from your donations.
We believe in offering the highest quality of care to all. Your financial support helps us do just that.
We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you.

Christ For Kids is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent.

Here's a look at what your donations have done to directly impact the lives of others.

Amasharay takes our books and her heart for children to the mission field where she travels the globe bringing her love for Jesus and children everywhere she goes.
She works with kids of all ethnicities revealing their value, and lets them know they are loved. Our most recent endeavor has been in Zambia Africa. With the help of your donations we can send her to many more parts of the globe. Please consider helping us, your donations really do have an amazing impact!

After our model day with Patricia, she called us and said she was going to get her GED at age 60 because her time with us taught her she's worth it!

We were recently able to get Sasha, who was facing the threat of homelessness, to NYC safe and sound and set up in a place to live. He's now working full time and living in a safe and stable environment!

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Your Feelings 

(ISBN 978-1-935018-83-4) Published by 5 Stone Publishing:  A powerful A-Z guide on the emotions we all struggle with. This book also Includes the next steps to take, so we can overcome our problems God's way. 

Written for ages 9 and up.


Blame Game 

(ISBN 978-1-935018-87-2) Published by 5 Stone Publishing: Would you like to build character? Do you want to take courage and perseverance to a new level? You hold in your hands a powerful tool that will help you overcome blame in your life, take responsibility for your actions, and become the person God made you to be. Written for ages 9 and up.



(ISBN 978-1-935018-97-1) Published by 5 Stone Publishing: Being sincerely thankful for everything in our lives can do wonderful things for us, and for those around us. True thankfulness provides us with keys that can unlock many doors that have been keeping us trapped or stuck in bad situations and negative emotions. In this book, we will explore how to use thankfulness God's way. In taking this journey together, we will discover a very powerful tool that will help us live out God's best plan for our lives.
Written for ages 9 and up.


Espanol Libros

                             Tus Sentimentos

                          El Juego de culpar


Audio Books


"I met Julie while attending cosmetology school, we were immediately friends. We shared aspirations and dreams on several occasions, on one of these occasions i shared the fact that I would be buying a one way ticket to nyc, going down with nothing to start a new life since Rochester had nothing left for me, but negativity. Julie was unsettled by this and decided to blow my mind with absolute compassion and complete selflessness. She came to me one day at school and said that she wanted to take me to nyc rather than the bus and set me up in a safe place to live for 2 months just so I'm able to get grounded. Needless to say I have no words even now as to the kindness and love Julie has. I've now been in nyc for almost a year, still have some struggles to face before I'm planted solid, but thanks to Julie I'm starting to live the life I know I can achieve and deserve. We are still friends to this day and talk on the phone constantly. She continues to share projects she works on to help get other people such as myself up on their feet to live a better life. It is my feeling that Julie deserves all the gratitude in the world as well as all the help from others to continue her astonishing efforts and ideas!"

Sasha NY

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"... Julie I'm so proud of you. You are strong and positive and I will always love you because you and your books with your words of wisdom from God gives me the strength to make through each day! I love you girls and I thank you for your blessings and prayers. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR JOURNEY OF LIFE. STAY BLESS BEAUTIFUL QUEEN! SUCCESS!"

- Jeanneal Williams

"...I liked modeling for CFK because of how friendly the community is, especially in front of the camera. In CFK we dress up in makeup and hairstyles, yet the amount isn't hiding who we are and what we look like. I find that very powerful because of how our society views what and how girls should look. The makeup is too much and the hair is in extravagant styles, but only to look "the part" and themselves. I feel like that should change for the better, and I think that CFK is doing just that!"
- Ashley

"...I loved modeling for Christ for kids ministries. It was so fun, my friend Abby and Miss Julie who did my make up and planned the shoot were amazing to be around. They helped me talk through some things and made me feel comfortable with the make up and shoot. It was so fun! In front of the camera was the modeling part, but behind the scenes was all love, friendship and fun!"

- Hannah

"...Miss Julie has been a pleasure to work with, and to learn from. Miss Julie brings creative new ideas to Sunday school class each week for the kids to participate in. She has a keen spirit for the Lord, and her enthusiasm brings joy to the children she shepherds. It has been enjoyable to work alongside Miss Julie and share the responsibilities of molding young hearts and minds to seek Jesus".

- Liam von Berg, 16

"...I absolutely loved modeling and being around these lovely ladies. It was more than modeling though, it was a time of encouragement and making each other comfortable with who we are. God made us in his image and there's nothing like being around people who make you realize it. Thank you to both Abby and Miss Julie!"

- Delayne

"Julie is not only a gifted woman of God and author, she is a dedicated mother! The topics she covers are applicable to every child and every family. This helpful tool will not only encourage children but empower parents!" -Joshua Finley Lead Pastor Elim Gospel Church

"...Miss Julie is one of the most incredible teachers on our team at EGC Kids. She continually brings God's Word to life for the kids. Every week that she teaches our kids they are on an adventure to travel back in time and experience the Bible hands on. Julie is never afraid to involve everyone in the classroom and has a heart to bring the kids to Jesus and Jesus to the kids. She really connects with the kids and they with her. The Lord has truly gifted Julie in understanding the mind of a child and has been able to address many emotional problems that children have, through her books, to bring light and understanding to children and parents a like. It's been a privilege and honor to know Julie and have her a part of our team!"

- Emily Seymour, Coordinator, EGC Kids


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